Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); February 3, 2024: Hassan Mehraban was executed for murder charges in Qazvin Central Prison. Two others escaped the gallows after obtaining extensions in their cases.According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, a man was executed in Qazvin Central Prison (Choobindar) on 3 February. His identity has been established as 46-year-old Hassan Mehraban who was Leggi Tutto
Joseph Giampa was indicted for 6 counts of sexual battery in Lake CountyLAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A man who was facing the death penalty in a child rape case will instead serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.Joseph Giampa was sentenced in a Lake County courtroom Friday.Giampa was the
An Iranian man was arrested after admitting to killing his 17-year-old son because he felt “dishonored” about the teenager’s "makeup and feminine behavior.”According to local media reports, the man said he had decided to "eliminate Parsa permanently" because his behavior "humiliated the
Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); February 1, 2024: At least one prisoner named Mehdi Azarioun who was on death row for murder, was executed in Urmia Central Prison.According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, at least one man was executed in Urmia Central (Darya) Prison on 31 January. His
Under China's draconian laws, as many as 46 crimes carry the death sentence. The number of people it executes each year is a closely guarded secret, but rights groups estimate it to be in the thousands Mobile death vans, firing squads, lethal injections: These are all methods used by
KOFU, Japan (Kyodo) -- The death sentence has been finalized for a 21-year-old man convicted of murder and arson as a minor in 2021 after he withdrew an appeal, a Japanese court said Friday.The defense team for Yuki Endo filed the appeal on the deadline Thursday, but the defendant withdrew it
The former director of the state’s prison system is concerned about a Republican-sponsored bill that would add nitrogen gas to the law requiring lethal injection to carry out executions in Ohio. And he also now has questions about the death penalty itself.Gary Mohr supervised 15 executions as
Landry, who supported gas, firing squads and hanging in the past, will ask the Legislature to expand execution methods.Gov. Jeff Landry will direct lawmakers to expand methods Louisiana can use to execute death row prisoners, he said Wednesday, describing death sentences as "contractual
A father in Chongqing who threw his two children out of a high-rise apartment window in 2020, along with his girlfriend who had encouraged him, were executed on Wednesday after China's top court recently approved their death sentence.The Supreme People's Court reviewed the case and held that
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost just couldn’t resist jumping onboard a new way to kill people – or the opportunity to be in front of television cameras.Yost, Ohio’s two-term Republican attorney general, on Tuesday announced his support for legislation to allow nitrogen hypoxia to be used in Ohio
Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); January 26, 2024: Protester Mehdi Mousavian has begun a hunger strike in protest against his scheduled eye for an eye punishment.IHRNGO Director, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam previously said: "Blinding as a form of punishment is a medieval practice that the Islamic Republic
An Iranian lawmaker says the execution of four Kurdish prisoners, who were hanged in Iran on Monday is a lesson to anyone who wants to overthrow the regime.“These executions are a lesson for anyone who wants to stand against the will of the Iranian nation because the Iranian nation will punish
This past week Alabama continued our country’s experiment with different ways to kill people. It executed Kenneth Smith.A brief history. In the American colonies, death sentences, imported from Great Britain, were by hanging. Hanging could be gruesome.The fall through the trap door in the gallows
Is death for inmates by a firing squad or electric chair a form of “cruel and unusual punishment”? That’s the question before South Carolina’s Supreme Court as it is set to hear arguments on February 6, in a case that will shape the future of the death penalty in the state. It
Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); February 1, 2024: Zahra Nazarian, a woman on death row for murder, was executed in Sabzevar Prison.According to HRANA news agency, a woman was executed in Sabzevar Prison on 31 January. Her identity has been reported as 27-year-old Zahra Nazarian.She was arrested four
PIERRE — A bill that would have removed the death penalty as the state’s ultimate punishment failed to get out of a Senate committee Thursday morning by one vote.SB 109, sponsored by Sen. Reynold Nesiba, D-Sioux Falls, had a litany of supporters who spoke about the morality of the death penalty
KOFU, Japan (Kyodo) -- The death sentence has been finalized for a 21-year-old man convicted of murder and arson as a minor in 2021 after he withdrew an appeal, a Japanese court said Friday.The defense team for Yuki Endo filed the appeal on the deadline Thursday, but the defendant withdrew it
Rather than inventing new ways to implement capital punishment, we urge all States to put in place a moratorium on its use, as a step towards universal abolitionThe infliction of the death penalty is profoundly difficult to reconcile with human dignity, the fundamental right to life, and the
Three killers in two high-profile cases were executed on Wednesday after China's top court approved their death penalties.Former Peking University student Wu Xieyu, who killed his mother in 2015, had his execution carried out by Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court in Fujian province.Zhang Bo, a
More than a quarter of all inmates currently on Alabama's death row have chosen nitrogen gas as their execution method, and those decisions were made before the state used the gas for the first time to kill Kenneth Eugene Smith, state officials say.Smith, 58, was executed Thursday night at the
BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Thomas Creech, who has been Idaho’s longest serving death row inmate was denied clemency after the state parole board denied his request at a hearing on Monday in Boise, for a reduced sentence to avoid the death penalty.  Creech has been housed in
Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); January 28, 2024: Asef and Aref Eshaghizadeh, two undocumented Baluch brothers on death row for drug-related charges, were secretly executed in Birjand Central Prison.According to Haal Vsh, two undocumented Baluch men were executed in Birjand Central Prison on 28
On Thursday evening, the state of Alabama executed Kenneth Eugene Smith by nitrogen gas. Now, there are dueling narratives about what happened. Alabama claims it went perfectly, proving that nitrogen is a humane, effective alternative to lethal injection (which it previously tried
Australian writer Yang Hengjun has been given a suspended death sentence by a Chinese court, five years after he was arrested and accused of spying.The sentence may be commuted to life imprisonment after two years, according to Australian officials.Dr Yang - a scholar and novelist who blogged
Overview of the Human Rights Situation in Iran in JanuaryBased on the registered statistics at the Center for Statistics and Documentation of Iran Human Rights Monitor (Iran HRM), and through extensive research conducted in this field, the final figures of executions in January 2024 have been
For a country that executes gay people, it offers a surprising procedure. But those going through it face unqualified doctors and humiliation.Death or surgery? It’s a capital offence to be gay in Iran. But gender-change surgery is legal. Now, 4000 Iranians are undergoing the life-changing
Iran's record-breaking year of executions continued into 2024 with at least 28 people known to have been executed in just 10 days during January as the regime's killing spree surges forward in the face of a crumbling autocracy.Statistics from the Iran Human Rights Organization reveal that since
The Supreme Court has rejected a 10th and likely final retrial request to review the 1961 murders of five women with poisoned wine in the central Japan city of Nabari.In a decision dated Monday, the top court rejected a special appeal for reopening the case involving Masaru Okunishi, who died at
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt said Tuesday he is confident in the state’s current lethal injection protocols and has no plans to endorse a switch to nitrogen gas, even as several states are mulling following Alabama’s lead in using nitrogen gas to execute death row inmates.Stitt
Saudi Arabia has faced criticism for its high number of executions, with over 170 convicts meeting a similar fate in the previous yearSaudi Arabia announced the execution of four Ethiopian expatriates who were convicted of murdering a Sudanese man in the conservative kingdom. The
Saudi Arabia has carried out its first death penalty this year after executing a citizen convicted of terrorist acts in the country's Eastern Province.The kingdom's Ministry of Interior said it executed Aoun Al Abu Abdullah on Tuesday.Photo: Public beheading in Saudi Arabia. Note that the red
Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); January 26, 2024: Hossein Ali Shakourian and Naser Mavadat who were sentenced to death for drug-related charges, were executed in Sabzevar Prison.According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, two men were executed in Sabzevar Prison on 22 January. Their
The first-ever use of nitrogen gas by Alabama to kill Kenneth Smith shows why the U.S. must end these futile, costly, deeply flawed government killings, says Sister Helen Prejean.A few nights ago convicted murderer Kenneth Smith was suffocated to death by the state of Alabama. His killing with
Ohio's last execution was on July 18, 2018, when Robert Van Hook was put to death by lethal injection for killing a man he met in a Cincinnati bar in 1985.Ohio politicians may be poised to consider whether the state might break its unofficial moratorium on the death penalty by following Alabama