Countless cases lay bare the raw injustice of the death penalty in the United States. The case of Richard Glossip is certainly one of them. He’s been on Oklahoma’s death row since 1998, facing nine separate execution dates. He’s been given his final meal three times, and, in 2015, was saved from death just hours before his execution only after prison officials Leggi Tutto
The Advocate newspaper reports Governor Jeff Landry will look to restart executions in Louisiana. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says it’s not a surprise since Landry has made it known that he wants to deter crime.“I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s going to try to push that and have it
ATMORE (AP) — Alabama’s first-ever use of nitrogen gas for an execution could gain traction among other states and change how the death penalty is carried out in the United States, much like lethal injection did more than 40 years ago, according to experts on capital punishment.Alabama Attorney
NB: The following piece was originally published on January 24, 2024. Mr. Smith was executed by nitrogen hypoxia on January 25, 2024. Masks made by the subsidiary of a Quebec-based company are being used for executions in the United States, justice advocacy groups say.Alabama plans to
The execution of four Iranian Kurdish prisoners accused of being "saboteurs" with links to Israel's Mossad intelligence service has prompted widespread condemnations, both within and outside of Iran.Mohammad Faramarzi, Mohsen Mazloum, Wafa Azarbar and Pejman Fatehi were hanged on January 29, a
Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); January 26, 2024: Moslem Aliyari, man on death row for murder, was executed in Shirvan Prison in North Khorasan province.According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, a man was executed in Shirvan Prison on 21 January. His identity has been established as
The US Supreme Court invited a lawyer who clerked for the chief justice to argue in support of executing an Oklahoma man on death row who’s fighting his conviction.Christopher Michel, a partner at Quinn Emanuel and former attorney in the Solicitor General’s Office, was asked in an order Friday to
Each year on January 27, people across the globe observe International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It was on this day 79 years ago Nazi Germany's largest death camp Auschwitz was liberated — by which point upwards of one million prisoners had been killed. It is on this grim occasion that the
On Thursday, Smith became the first human ever subjected to a nitrogen suffocation execution. Read one reporter’s eyewitness account.ATMORE, Ala. — His wife wore a shirt that said “Never Alone.” It was one of the first things Kenneth Smith saw Thursday night when unnamed representatives
A Japanese man has appealed a court ruling handed down Thursday that said he was mentally competent when in 2019 he set a fire at an animation studio in Kyoto that killed 36 people.The Japanese court went on to sentence Aoba to death for the arson attack.Shinji Aoba’s lawyers appealed the ruling
 Alabama executes a man with nitrogen gas, the first time the new method has been used Alabama executed a convicted murderer with nitrogen gas Thursday, putting him to death with a first-of-its-kind method that once again placed the U.S. at the forefront of the debate over
State prosecutors revealed that the group had allegedly planned to orchestrate protests, ostensibly aimed at toppling President Nana Akufo-Addo's government in the lead-up to the 2020 general electionsIn a landmark ruling, six Ghanaians, among them three soldiers, have been sentenced to death by
NB: The following piece was originally published on January 24, 2024. Mr. Smith was executed by nitrogen hypoxia on January 25, 2024. Masks made by the subsidiary of a Quebec-based company are being used for executions in the United States, justice advocacy groups say.Alabama
NB: The following piece was originally published on January 24, 2024. Mr. Smith was executed by nitrogen hypoxia on January 25, 2024. Masks made by the subsidiary of a Quebec-based company are being used for executions in the United States, justice advocacy groups say.Alabama plans to
America has never been squeamish when it comes to developing new methods to deliver condemned killers to the abyss.But as the old saying goes, the road to hell can be paved with good intentions. And that’s what happened to Alabama hitman Kenny Smith last Thursday.It was supposed to be all over
The families of four Kurdish political prisoners who face death sentences have been summoned to Evin Prison for a meeting, a sign of imminent execution.The Hengaw Human Rights Organization reported that Pejman Fatehi, Mohsen Mazloum, Mohammad (Hazhir) Faramarzi, and Vafa Azarbar are scheduled to
Critics who had worried the new execution method would be cruel and experimental said Kenneth Eugene Smith’s final moments Thursday night proved they were right.ATMORE, Alabama — As witnesses including five news reporters watched through a window, Kenneth Eugene Smith, who was convicted and
The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is interested in Alabama’s use of nitrogen gas to carry out death penalty executions, but they’re not ready to follow suit — just yet.“I have a continuously watchful eye on the progress Alabama is making with this new method,” Executive Director Steven Harpe
The execution of convicted murderer Kenneth Eugene Smith using nitrogen hypoxia was "textbook," Alabama's attorney general Steve Marshall said in a news conference on Friday. The execution was carried out on Thursday night and marked the first time nitrogen hypoxia, a process that aims
The state is using a new untested method that’s prompted backlash.A controversial Alabama execution taking place on Thursday has reignited scrutiny of the death penalty and highlighted the enduring nature of the practice despite attempts to end it.Physicians and human rights experts have
The U.S. Supreme Court did not intervene to stop the nation’s first execution by nitrogen hypoxia — a move that all three justices of the court’s liberal wing opposed.“With deep sadness, but commitment to the Eighth Amendment’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment, I respectfully
Alabama's plan to execute a convicted murderer with nitrogen gas was labelled by campaigners as part of a 'Nazi legacy of experimentation that should not be repeated'Alabama’s plan to be the first state to use nitrogen gas to execute a convicted murderer has been criticised by activists who say
An Alabama death row inmate is expected to become the first person in the US to be executed with nitrogen gas, after losing last-minute appeals.The US Supreme Court and a lower appeals court declined to block what Kenneth Eugene Smith's lawyers called a "cruel and unusual" punishment.Opponents
I am in the grim business of studying botched executions, and lately, tragically, business has been brisk. Last Thursday’s effort by Alabama to introduce nitrogen hypoxia to America’s arsenal of execution technologies added yet another chapter to the story of executions gone awry.As the New York
Kenneth Smith was pronounced dead at 8:25 pm tonight after the State of Alabama executed him using nitrogen suffocation, an experimental method that had never previously been used in an execution.Witness reports indicate that, just as Kenny Smith feared, the State’s experiment with nitrogen
As trial wraps up in Tehran, prosecutor says Johan Floderus charged with ‘very extensive intelligence cooperation with the Zionist occupation regime’The trial of a Swedish EU diplomat wrapped up in Tehran on Sunday, with Iranian prosecutors seeking the maximum penalty for the man accused of
Shinji Aoba, the arsonist found guilty of killing 36 people in an attack on a Kyoto Animation Co. studio in 2019, made clear he is appealing the Jan. 25 death sentence simply to buy time to speak out more about the horrific crime.He stated, “I seriously accept the verdict.”It marked the first
Before the stormIn 1898, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld circulated a petition to abolish [Paragraph 175 criminalizing homosexual relations in Germany]. He obtained the signatures of prominent writers, lawyers, politicians, and church dignitaries. The petition was discussed in the Reichstag and rejected
On January 25, 2024, Alabama executed Kenneth Smith using nitrogen hypoxia, a first in American history. Though state attorneys had assured courts that the method would cause “unconsciousness in seconds,” witnesses reported that Mr. Smith appeared awake for several minutes after the nitrogen gas
Yasmin Cader of the American Civil Liberties Union said Smith "should have never been killed, let alone in such a gruesome manner.Alabama: The White House said Friday it was "deeply troubled" by the first-ever execution in the United States using nitrogen gas, an untested method which also drew
Two more political prisoners, Yousef Ahmadi and Ali Abidavi, have been sentenced to death amid Iran's ongoing killing spree.The two are the latest victims of the government's crackdown on dissent following a record year in 2023 seeing 834 executions according to the United Nations, eight linked
ATMORE, Ala. (WHNT) — News 19’s Lauren Layton was one of only five media witnesses present during the execution of Kenneth Eugene Smith (pictured below) by nitrogen hypoxia on Thursday.Smith was the first person to be executed by nitrogen hypoxia in the U.S.RELATED | Alabama convict becomes first
The Alabama Department of Corrections announced Tuesday night that it will deny Kenny Smith all solid food for up to 20 hours starting at 10 am on Thursday, January 25, the day of his scheduled execution.The change was announced after lawyers reported that Mr. Smith has been vomiting continuously
A Japanese man has been sentenced to death for an arson attack at a Kyoto animation studio in 2019 which killed 36 people and injured dozens more.The incident, one of Japan's deadliest in recent decades, killed mostly young artists and shocked the anime world.Shinji Aoba, 45, pleaded guilty to