imageThe Texas execution of Edgar Tamayo for the murder of a U.S. police officer was heavily criticized by Mexican officials, who say their country rightly banned capital punishment years ago. But if the Mexican people had their way, the death penalty would be an option for justice for murderers such as Tamayo, say surveys and criminal experts here. Surve... The Texas execution of Edgar Tamayo for the murder of a U.S. police officer was heavily criticized by Mexican officials, who say their country rightly banned capital punishment years ago. But if the Mexican people had their way, the death penalty would be an option for justice for murderers such as Tamayo, say surveys and criminal experts here. Surveys by polling
imageDeath penalty may be removed from the Kazakhstan's Criminal Code. Such a suggestion has been made in the country's Majilis (lower chamber), Tengrinews reports. "We believe there is a unique possibility to take a sound decision to completely remove death penalty from the Criminal Code"
image‘Legalising prostitution means men are told by their government that it is perfectly okay to purchase a woman’. The European Parliament’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee has voted through a report that recommends the adoption of the ‘Nordic
imageJoin a week of pro-choice solidarity with the women of Spain. The right of Spanish women to access safe and legal abortion is currently under threat from a proposal to reform the current law in a highly restrictive fashion by Spain’s ruling party, the Partido Popular. Abortions would
imageIran Human Rights, January 23: Seven prisoners were hanged in the prison of Kermanshah (western Iran) reported the Iranian state media. Five of the prisoners were convicted of trafficking of 102 kilograms of various narcotic drugs and two were convicted of murder said the report. None of
imageDoes gender discrimination begin in the womb in the UK too? A study by the Independent newspaper has sparked debate over female foeticide in the UK – the practice of aborting a baby because it is a girl. The investigation claims to have uncovered evidence that sex-selective abortions
imagePublic execution in Iran GENEVA (22 January 2014) – The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, and on summary executions, Christof Heyns, today called on the Government of Iran to urgently halt the abrupt surge in
imageA Sri Lankan man has been executed in UAE for murdering an Emirati resident, a media report said. The execution has been carried out today after 19-year old Ravindra Krishna Pillai was convicted of premeditated murder. According to reports, he has been found guilty of running over the
imageSan Quentin's brand new death chamber For decades supporters of the death penalty in America have embraced lethal injection not just as an evolutionary plateau in the method of capital punishment but as a convenient solution to a problem that is both legal and moral. By
imageIn 1906, the state of Minnesota held its last execution of a murderer. William Williams was hanged in the Ramsey County Courthouse basement, in the middle of the night. It was a botched job - the sheriff overestimated the amount of rope needed, Williams hit the floor without breaking his
imageWith less than one week to go Charlie’s Big Challenge is fast becoming a reality… From 26 January to 1 February television presenter Charlie Webster will be running 250 miles and visiting 40 football clubs to raise awareness of Women’s Aid and encourage football clubs
imageSeat of Indian Supreme Court ACHR welcomes SC commutation of 15 death sentences The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has welcomed the judgment of the Supreme Court commuting the death sentence to life imprisonment for 15 death-row convicts on the grounds of inordinate
imageThe UK Government must take immediate steps to protect an elderly, mentally-ill British man sentenced to death today for blasphemy in Pakistan, legal charity Reprieve has said. Mohammad Asghar (71), from Edinburgh, has a long and documented history of psychological ill health. Just four
imageCelebrating the bravery of those who take a stand against ‘honour’ based violence. On 24 January 2014, in central London, the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO), a leading women’s rights charity campaigning to end all forms of ‘honour&rsquo
imageKenneth Eugene Hogan OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma executed a man on Thursday, who was convicted of murder after stabbing a woman 25 times more than two decades ago and then attempting to blame the crime on an intruder. Kenneth Eugene Hogan, 52, was convicted of
image…as industry increasingly looks to women to meet skills shortages. The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) appointed two leading female tech entrepreneurs to its board last week, which means there are now only two FTSE 100 companies with no women on their boards. The two are Joanna
imageEdgar Tamayo HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — Edgar Tamayo, a Mexican national, was executed Wednesday in Huntsville, Texas, for the slaying 20 years ago of a Texas police officer, Guy Gaddis, 24.  The US Supreme Court had temporarily put on hold the execution of Edgar
imageA historic decision by India's Supreme Court commuting the death sentences of 15 prisoners and setting out guidelines to safeguard the rights of prisoners on death row and their families is a positive step for human rights in the country, Amnesty International India said today. The
imageThe Walls Unit, Huntsville, where executionsare carried out in Texas With his scheduled execution just hours away, the state Board of Pardons and Paroles has denied a clemency request from a Mexican national convicted of gunning down a Houston police officer in 1994. Parole
imageA British woman has escaped the death penalty after admitting smuggling crystal meth into Indonesia from China. Andrea Waldeck has instead been jailed for 14 years and fined £100,000. The 43-year-old admitted to taking three pounds of the drug through an airport in Java in April
imageBEIRUT, Lebanon — Emaciated corpses lie in the sand, their ribs protruding over sunken bellies, their thighs as thin as wrists. Several show signs of strangulation. The images conjure memories of some of history’s worst atrocities. Numbers inscribed on more than 11,000 bodies
imageThe Walls Unit's Death HouseHuntsville, Texas The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Tuesday rejected attempts by Edgar Tamayo's lawyers to save him from the state's death chamber on Wednesday for the 1994 murder of Houston policeman Guy Gaddis. Tamayo's lawyers argued that
imageOfficials in Italy reacted with dismay Monday at reports in the Indian media suggesting that 2 Italian marines accused of killing 2 Indian fishermen could face the death penalty. According to The Times of India newspaper, India's federal Home Ministry has allowed its investigative agency
imagePhilippe El Shennawy, a French convict infamous for being the longest-serving prisoner alive in France and a string of escape attempts, will be released on parole on Friday. “It is a big relief,” his lawyer told reporters on Wednesday, adding that the convict would have to
imageMegan Kearns celebrates Ellen Ripley, a fierce feminist, as a role model. Our regular cross-post from Bitchflicks. When I was 10 years old, the scariest movie I ever saw was ‘Aliens’. I remember the first time I saw it like it was yesterday. Late one night, plagued with insomnia
imageIraq's Ministry of Justice said it executed 11 convicts for terror crimes Thursday, 2 days after it announced the execution of 26 convicts, despite international calls for Baghdad to abolish the death penalty. "The ministry of justice executed 11 people after they were found guilty of
imageThe good news: what is learned can be unlearned. The magazine Marie Claire recently challenged advertising agencies to create an advertisement that inspired women to love their bodies. The idea came after a study that found that the average woman only learned to like her body when she was
imageDennis McGuire I first began to visit [Ohio death-row inmate] Mcguire in November. He told me about the evil act he had committed, the murder in 1989 of a young woman Joy Stewart who was pregnant and whose unborn child also died. He confessed his sin to me, and expressed
imageThe judge at Putrajaya Higher Court, Malaysia, has released 2 Indonesian workers from death penalty in the case of drug possession, according to information from Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, received here on Wednesday. Azhar bin Zakaria and Ismail bin Ibrahim were caught by the
imageOregon death-row inmate Gary Haugen's legal quest to force his own execution ended Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider his case. Without comment, the court denied his petition for writ of certiorari. The court turns down the vast majority of requests it receives each
image‘Games’ teach us that women must be thin to be beautiful. Two mobile phone apps which encouraged children as young as nine to ‘operate’ on a cartoon ‘Barbie’ with scalpels and syringes have now been removed from the iTunes and Google Play stores. The apps
imageParliament debates bill to ensure aid spendingadvancesgender equality. The UK parliament is currently debating the Gender Equality and International Development Bill. If it becomes law the Bill will force the Secretary of State for International Development consider the role of women in all
imageVice President Jejomar Binay on Tuesday said President Benigno S. Aquino III has pledged a substantial amount to augment the blood money raised by the Philippine government to save overseas Filipino worker Joselito Zapanta from execution in Saudi Arabia. Zapanta was sentenced to death for
imageIraq has executed 26 men convicted of "terrorism", the justice ministry said on Tuesday, despite widespread international condemnation of Iraq's extensive use of the death penalty. "The justice ministry carried out the executions of 26 (men) convicted of crimes related to terrorism on