imageWelcome to this week’s news of British women in sport from around the world. Cricket: England’s women built on last week’s test victory with a convincing win in their first ODIon 19 January. They are now one win away from retaining the Ashes. Australia batted first and made 209 in their 50 overs. Top scorer was Alex Blackwell with... Welcome to this week’s news of British women in sport from around the world. Cricket: England’s women built on last week’s test victory with a convincing win in their first ODIon 19 January. They are now one win away from retaining the Ashes. Australia batted first and made 209 in their 50 overs. Top scorer was Alex Blackwell with 82 not out. In response
imageSocial justice as the route to health. If your January has been anything like mine, then no doubt you’ve been surrounded by the standard New Year’s deluge of gym leaflets through the door, diet promotions and articles in glossy mags,  and of colleagues and
imageTokyo Detention Center TOKYO — The trial began in Japan on Thursday of a former member of Aum Supreme Truth, 19 years after the doomsday cult launched a nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway that killed 13 people. Makoto Hirata, 48, turned himself in at a Tokyo police
image(Reuters) - Lawmakers for at least two U.S. states say they should conduct executions by firing squad if opposition to capital punishment by pharmaceutical companies makes it hard to obtain drugs for lethal injections. States have turned to pharmacies that customize drugs and adopted
imageRiyadh: A Saudi court has sentenced to death two Chadian Islamists convicted of murdering a French expatriate in the western city of Jeddah, state news agency SPA reported on Thursday. The two are part of a group of 12 people — seven Chadians, four Saudis, and a Yemeni &mdash
imageLisa Simpson, permanent eight-year-old and the emotional heart of The Simpsons, is an excellent role model for young girls. Another of our regular cross-posts from Bitchflicks. By Lady T. The Simpsons, now in its record-breaking 25th season, is one of the most influential comedies of our
imageThe back page of yesterday’s Daily Star featured an awful advert from UK insurance company Vine Cover. ‘We understand that mistakes happen…!’ says the ad. The ‘mistake’ in question – a woman – is pictured seated at the foot of a man’s
imageNew campaign after polling showed how prevalent homophobic behavior still is. Stonewall has launched a national campaign to tackle the still endemic levels of homophobia in Britain’s workplaces. The new campaign’s posters feature two people and a slogan saying either: ‘One
imageUnintended consequences of a boycott Pentobarbital and sodium thiopental are anaesthetics, used around the world by doctors and vets on all kinds of patients in a variety of cases. They are also used to render prisoners unconscious in the ten U.S. states that use lethal injection to
imageAfter 325 years of male leadership, a female head of Lloyd’s of London. Inga Beale is a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry, and she takes leadership of the world’s largest insurance market, Lloyd’s of London. Only 40 years after the first woman, Liliana Archibald
imageThe police investigate the victim instead of her rapist. By Lisa Longstaff. The UK police do not take rape seriously. Women who have been saying this for years have been proved right time and again, as serial attackers Jimmy Savile, John Worboys, the Oxford and Rochdale rapists and many
imageAnd last year’s coverage of Female Genital Mutilation may well save lives. The UK government’s inquiry into Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), launched last month, proved a fitting end to 2013, a year that saw the issue propelled to the national spotlight. The UK’s Home
imageKerobokan Prison, Indonesia Indonesian authorities have approved the parole of a Frenchman jailed 14 years ago for drug-smuggling and he could be released in the coming days, an official said Sunday. The rare approval for the early release of a foreigner will raise hopes
imageST. LOUIS (AP) - A Missouri death-row inmate scheduled for execution this month says the state prison system is improperly storing expired doses of a new lethal injection drug provided by an Oklahoma pharmacy that's not licensed to do business in the neighboring state. Attorneys for
imageDennis McGuire As the lethal drugs flowed into his veins in the Ohio death chamber, Dennis B. McGuire at first “went unconscious” and his body was still, his daughter, Amber McGuire, said Friday. But a few minutes later, she said, she was horrified to see her
imageDennis McGuire DAYTON — A Dayton law firm said it will file a federal lawsuit on behalf of the family of executed killer Dennis McGuire. They are seeking an injunction on the death penalty in Ohio claiming the execution of McGuire violated the eighth amendment of the
imageAs Trouble and Strife launches its digital archive, Rosie Fox considers the benefits of printed magazines. The feminist journal Trouble and Strife (T&S) is a quirky, visual, yet delightful maze of a journal. Launched in 1983, T&S acknowledged its radical feminist outlook in the name
imagePublic flogging in Iran HRANA News Agency – Three prisoners were flogged in public on December 25, 2013.The sentence was carried out in the main square of the city of Dehdasht. According to a report from Fars, Majid Karami, the prosecutor of Kohgiluye va Boyerahmad
imagePredominantly Muslim states in Nigeria introduced Sharia law in 2000 Predominantly Muslim states in Nigeria introduced Sharia law in 2000 An Islamic court in Nigeria has put on trial 11 Muslim men accused of violating their religion due to their alleged sexuality – if found guilty
imageIran Human Rights, January 15: Six prisoners were hanged in two different Iranian prisons early this morning January 15. The state run Iranian news agency Fars reported about execution of five prisoners in the prison of Shahroud (northern Iran). Tthese prisoners were identified as M. Y
imageDonna Navarro reviews Lady in Red: the original stage play. It has been hailed by audiences across the UK as the best play about domestic abuse ever written. ‘In the darkness a small, grey table is warmed by a blue light. On it, a miniature Christmas tree with baubles and the lights
imagePublic hanging in Saveh, Iran, January 14, 2014 Iran Human Rights, January 14: Seven prisoners were hanged in three different Iranian cities yesterday 14. January, reported the Iranian state media. According to the state run Iranian news agency Fars, five prisoners were
imageOhio's state execution team is finalising plans to dispatch a convicted murderer and rapist on death row using a never-before-tried combination of two drugs which defence lawyers say threatens to leave him writhing in agony from "air hunger" before he loses consciousness and expires. The
imageOhio's latest experience with putting an inmate to death raises new question about the ability of states to carry out executions in constitutional fashion. It took Dennis McGuire 26 minutes to die on Thursday after the chemicals — intravenous doses of the sedative midazolam and the
imageThe looming execution of a Mexican highlights the fate of foreigners on death row in the United States who were not informed of their rights and risk being put to death in violation of international law, experts say. Edgar Tamayo Arias, who was convicted in the 1994 fatal shooting of a
imageXI'AN, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- The suspended death sentence of a baby-trafficking doctor announced Tuesday has brought nationwide controversy, with some netizens calling for stiffer punishment while experts say the penalty is justified. Zhang Shuxia, an obstetrician in Fuping County in
imageDeath row inmates in Virginia who wish to die by lethal injection still could face execution by electrocution under a bill that advanced Thursday in the House of Delegates. By a 4-1 voice vote, a House subcommittee on Militia, Police and Public Safety backed a measure that would override
imageA survey has suggested that more than half of women have been discriminated against at work. The campaign group Opportunity Now, which was founded in 1991 to improve working conditions for women, launched Project 28–40 to investigate women’s experience in the workplace
imageDennis McGuire A man convicted of murder in the US state of Ohio has been executed using a new, never-before-tried lethal injection combination. Dennis McGuire, 53, was killed on Thursday with a two-drug cocktail, after the maker of the previous execution drug
imageHuntsville Unit's Execution Chamber, Huntsville, Texas At some point for Fred Allen, something snapped. He’d done one too many. He broke. Years had gone by, but he could still picture the eyes of every inmate he'd helped tie down, restrain with multiple straps so that
imagePrisons in the US are sitting on large stockpiles of life-saving medicines, which they plan to use in executions, while hospitals face shortages of the same drugs. Death rows in Florida and Ohio have both bought up supplies of midazolam – a sedative used in surgery and to treat
imageToday’s back page features an awful ad from UK insurance company Vine Cover. According to their website Vine specialise in ‘convicted driver car insurance’ as well as misogyny.... Today’s back page features an awful ad from UK insurance company Vine Cover
imageHelp scrap the Benefit Cap which traps women and children in violent relationships. The campaign group Women Against Rape is asking organisations and individuals to support women and children impoverished by the Benefit Cap after escaping violent relationships by signing a petition asking
imagePHILADELPHIA, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- A Philadelphia judge vacated the death sentence of a man convicted of killing a police officer, citing restrictions on executing the developmentally disabled. Common Pleas Judge M. Teresa Sarmina ruled Friday the death penalty cannot be enforced against