Teresa Lamas – WNN Improve It (WNN) Madrid, SPAIN, WESTERN EUROPE: Congolese journalist Caddy Adzuba Furaha has for years been reporting on the sexual aggressions suffered by the women of her country where thousands of women have been and continue to be used as weapons of war. Reporting on thousands of women from the Kivu […]... Teresa Lamas – WNN Improve It (WNN) Madrid, SPAIN, WESTERN EUROPE: Congolese journalist Caddy Adzuba Furaha has for years been reporting on the sexual aggressions suffered by the women of her country where thousands of women have been and continue to be used as weapons of war. Reporting on thousands of women from the Kivu […]Leggi
Pooja Bhatia – Ozy – Wednesday, 27 November 2013 (originally published 19 Nov) There’s a fairy godmother up in Harlem named Kathryn Finney. These days, she’s wont to describe herself like this: “Big hair, even bigger ideas.” What’s the big idea? It’s
WNN Improve It (WNN/UN Women) Cairo, EGYPT, NORTHERN AFRICA: Walking down a quiet street in Cairo to enjoy the evening air, 23-year-old Heba couldn’t help but wonder whether she was putting herself in harm’s way. “Can I join my family for dinner after this walk,” she asked
WNN Breaking (WNN/VOA) Washington D.C., UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Afghanistan’s Justice Ministry has proposed reintroducing public stoning for convicted adulterers, possibly restoring a punishment in force during the Taliban’s brutal rule. Human Rights Watch and Afghan officials said
Amy Fallon – IPS – Friday, 22 November 2013 (originally published 19 Nov) KAMPALA
, Nov 19 2013 (IPS) – Ever since giving birth to a stillborn baby 15 years ago, Mary*, a peasant farmer from Mubende District in central Uganda, has continuously leaked urine. In Uganda, two
Aisha Habli for CGN – WNN Improve It (WNN/CGN) Beirut, LEBANON, WESTERN ASIA: The glow of the Arab Spring wore off in the media a while ago. Violence, internal division and widespread frustration have replaced the hopeful scenes of youth standing up to demand change. But have youth really
WNN Breaking (WNN) Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: When you step into your bathroom today and sit on your own home toilet don’t take it for granted. November 19 was World Toilet Day, a day that is now for the first time officially recognized by the United Nations each year as a
WNN Breaking (WNN) Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Fleeing the Syrian conflict isn’t getting any easier. In the past month approximately 59,000 Syrians have fled to northern Iraq, says Mines Advisory Group (MAG) in  a new release outlining current conditions. The trek from Syria to
Megan Rowling for TRF – WNN Breaking (WNN/TRF-Thomson Reuters Foundation) London, UK, WESTERN EUROPE: The Millennium Development Goal to halve the proportion of hungry people in the world is “within reach” but only if considerable extra effort is made immediately, U.N. food
IRIN – WNN Breaking (WNN/IRIN) Dakar, SENEGAL, WESTERN AFRICA: Weeks of heavy rains that began in mid-August have left much of Mauritania’s capital city, Nouakchott, and six of the surrounding regions under water, creating “unprecedented” damage according to the Department
Tim Crowe, Deakin University – WNN WorldFOOD (WNN) Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, OCEANIA: On average a piece of fruit or vegetable contains up to three grams of fiber; a glass of juice contains less than 0.5 grams. Eating more fruits and vegetables is the foundation stone of any healthy diet, with
Belinda Bauman – Daily Beast – Thursday, 26 September 2013 (originally published 23 Sept) This was the year my two sons began to love superheroes. We popped in the Spider-Man DVD one night out of boredom and that was all she wrote. For the next five months we watched everything
Valeria Marchinetti – WNN Features (WNN) Rome, ITALY, WESTERN EUROPE: “When you put your eyes on this report, despite all the louder sounds around you, what you can hear is, above all, silence. All the words you can read in this dossier is like a punch in your stomach. Someone will say
Corrie Maclaggan – The New York Times – November 26, 2013 (originally published 14 Nov) AMARILLO — DeDe Cummins’s family has farmed in the Texas Panhandle for a century, but no one expected her to have any interest in the work. “I was a girl,” said Ms. Cummins
Michael Kaufman and Gary Barker – The Guardian News – Monday 25 November, 2013 It may seem foolish to be optimistic on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The World Health Organization affirms that one in three women will experience
WNN Breaking (WNN) Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Three women have been rescued from 30+ years of domestic slavery in London as their two 67-year-old captors have been arrested by Scotland Yard in what police say is a groundbreaking case of alleged human trafficking. The carefully
Suad Abu-Dayyeh for Equaltiy Now – WNN SOAPBOX (WNN/EQ) Amman, JORDAN, WESTERN ASIA: The Human Rights Ministry of Yemen has confirmed that one of its officials has helped to prevent the wedding of a 12-year-old girl, which was due to take place earlier this month. Hiba was to be married in
Larisa Epatko – PBS News – Monday, 07 October 2013 (originally published 30 Sept) In her early 20s, Jensine Larsen was working as a freelance journalist in Burma and the Amazon region of South America, and learned that many of the stories affecting women weren’t being reported in
Nita Bhalla – Thomson Reuters Foundation – Thursday, 03 October 2013 (originally published 30 Sept) ANAND, India, Sept 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Dressed in a green surgical gown and cap, British restaurateur Rekha Patel cradled her newborn daughter at the Akanksha clinic
Greg Flakus for VOA – WNN GlobalARTS (WNN/VOA) Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Art is considered part of the legacy of humankind that must be treasured and preserved. That can be a challenge in cities where temperature and humidity fluctuate over the course of the year. One such
Lys Anzia – WNN Commentary (WNN) New York, New York, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Pakistan’s girls education hero Ms. Malala Yousafzai continued to inspire audiences as she made the rounds inside the United States this week urging others to bring the importance of her message, not her
Port Moresby – World Bank – Friday, 27 September 2013 Port Moresby, PAPUA NEW GUINEA — In 2006 the cocoa pod borer, a crop disease, decimated the cocoa of thousands of small farmers in Papua New Guinea’s East New Britain province. In total, the pest destroyed more than 80 percent
Katherine Robinson for Gender Links – WNN SOAPBOX (WNN/GL) Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA: A male minister in Sri Lanka offers to marry the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe tells South African envoy Lindiwe Zulu that he loves her, after
Anita Powell for VOA – WNN Breaking (WNN/VOA) Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA: Activists around the world on Monday launched 16 days of activism against gender violence, an annual campaign that for more than 20 years has aimed to eradicate violence against women and girls.  But the campaign
Deborah Mazon – WNN SOAPBOX (WNN) San Antonio, Texas, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: When I first heard a commercial ad for the Black Girls Rock Awards, I thought it was going to be another music awards show.  Boy, I was wrong! I discovered my mistake while channel surfing.  I landed on
Lys Anzia – WNN Breaking commentary (WNN) Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: As the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination is remembered inside the United States today, the deeper story of one of survivor of the crisis goes relatively unreported. The experience of horror for the
Jonathan House – Wall Street Journal -  Thursday, 21 November 2013 (originally published  20 Nov) Women have recovered all the jobs they lost during the recession. Men have not. A record 67.5 million women are working today, up from the prior peak of 67.4 million in early 2008
WNN Justice (WNN) Jerusalem, ISRAEL, WESTERN ASIA: Mistreatment of West Bank children who are brought into custody by Israeli military forces has revealed a pattern of “ill-treatment” says UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund in a recent report outlining the problems for
Frud Bezhann for RFE/RL – WNN Breaking (WNN/RFE/RL) Kabul, AFGHANISTAN, SOUTHERN ASIA: When Wave of Change, a female-led political movement, was unveiled last week in Afghanistan, it was greeted with applause by women’s rights activists. The movement, led by influential female lawmaker
SyndiGate – Albawaba – Wednesday, 02 October 2013 (originally published 30 Sept) Despite a recent World Bank report saying that Saudi Arabia tops the list of countries for laws that limit women’s economic potential, Saudi women are optimistic that empowerment among them is growing. The
Alysa Landry – Indian Country – Tuesday, 01 October 2013 (originally published 30 Sept) Only four out of 100 residents of Montana’s Blackfeet Nation feel safe, according to Wendy Bremner, a victim’s specialist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Children on this 3,000-square-mile
Staff reporter – Donegal Democrat - Monday, 30 September 2013 (originally published 26 Sept) Hi, my name is Vivian MacIntyre and it is 10 years since I wrote an article about my life in Donegal Town. At that time, my daughter Lia was 3 years old. Ten years have passed since then and Seamus
Afsana Bhat – WNN Justice (WNN) Srinagar, INDIAN ADMINISTERED KASHMIR, SOUTHERN ASIA: Bibi Fatimah, a middle-aged mother of three children, traveled 85 kilometers (50 miles) from the Kupwara district to Srinagar, the state’s summer capital, to participate in a monthly protest organized by the
WNN Breaking (WNN) United Nations, New York, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Touching on the importance of transparency and freedom of the internet, President Ms. Dilma Rousseff of Brazil opened the debate at the United Nations in New York yesterday in a high level annual meeting at the 67th Session of