Lovelace Linda, Mik McGrady


Linda Lovelace became a household name in 1972, when Deep Throat became the first pornographic movie. Despite being the face that launched the film's phenomenal success, behind the scenes Linda was suffering unspeakable torture and abuse at the hands of her husband, Chuck Traynor, and she never earned a dollar from the film's huge success. A harrowing tale of the pursuit of happiness and the will to survive amid years of horrific abuse, Ordeal reveals the dark reality behind Deep Throat, and its star's tragic, yet ultimately triumphant, life.

"La verità dietro Gola profonda": la drammatica autobiografia di Linda Lovelace, protagonista di "Gola Profonda", divenuto celeberrimo come primo porno di cult, uscito negli anni Settanta.

Tipologia di Libro: Romanzo

Libro edito da: Citadel Press

Anno di pubblicazione: January 2006

Argomenti Trattati: biografie - violenza di genere