Alice Walker

Hard times require furious dancing

Alice Walker's 2010 collection of poems is like a perfect stroll through the park. Her words are approachable and cloaked in a sagacious womanhood. They are simple yet no to be rushed through. Like any poetry, they deserve a reading, a meditation, and a re-read. Several of the pieces have an anecdotal quality as in "You confide in Me" where Walker's subject lacks a sofa which hints at a lack or inability of intimacy.
Walker doesn't shy away from any topic. She speaks on the unwieldiness of hatred, acceptance of and beauty in the imperfect, and reminds us of our responsibility to protect the Earth. She also devotes two very personal pieces--one to her estranged daughter on love and freedom and the other to her unknown grandchild.

Tipologia di Libro: Poesie

Libro edito da: New Word Library

Anno di pubblicazione: 2010

Argomenti Trattati: poesia - cultura e filosofia delle donne