Marc A. Grimmett, David Hambridge

My Masculinity Helps

An educational documentary that explores the role of African American men and boys in the prevention of sexual violence. It shows African American male allies (psychologist, professor, peer educator, attorney, pastor, athlete, middle and high school students, activist) demonstrating understanding and support for survivors of sexual violence and provides strategies for assistance and prevention. Survivors also share their stories and what has helped them. The film serves as a counter-narrative to often inaccurate and misleading portrayals of African American masculinity and can be used in schools, colleges, and athletic, professional, community, and faith-based organizations to engage boys and men in the deconstruction of gender roles, masculinity, and power and in the prevention of rape and sexual assault.

Tipologia di Film: Documentari

Film diretto da: Marc A. Grimmett, David Hambridge

Anno di uscita nelle sale: 2013

Argomenti Trattati: Educazione e informazione - Cultura di genere