MidazolamIn January 2014, convicted rapist and murderer Dennis McGuire was strapped to a gurney in an Ohio prison execution chamber and injected with the sedative midazolam and the opioid hydromorphone.McGuire's priest, Lawrence Hummer, who witnessed the execution, described what happened next."Over those 11 minutes or more, he was fighting for breath, Leggi Tutto
Interrogation room'The only evidence linking the appellants to the murder was oralconfessions they allegedly made to police officers.'The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has granted freedom to 2 Barbadian men who were on death row for a 2006 murder.The Trinidad-base court quashed the convictions of Vincent
GallowsParliamentarians should educate their constituents on the need to abolish the death penalty, said a human rights activist.Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture (Madpet) coordinator Charles Hector said they should also convince their fellow colleagues and respective parties to take a clear
GallowsA Peshawar High Court bench on Tuesday directed the Council of Islamic Ideology and attorney general for Pakistan to respond to a petition seeking its orders for the government to introduce a less painful mode of execution than hanging.Justice Lal Jan Khattak and Justice Abdul Shakoor extended a
ASA, report, gender stereotyping, advertisements, negative effects, new rules, Gender stereotypes in advertisements ‘have the potential to cause harm’, says report.In April 2016 the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) launched a project looking into gender stereotyping in advertisements to test whether the UK Advertising Codes and the ASA’s enforcement of them take
TQUILAThe Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army, or TQILALGBT supporters are fighting back against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) on the Syrian battlefield after three years of persecution in which their community suffered stonings, executions from rooftops and a deadly shooting at an LGBT
Jury seatsThe Sixth Amendment provides that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall … have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.” The right to counsel encompasses the right to an attorney -- a qualified attorney. Not, for instance, one who has been disbarred and prohibited from practicing
Public execution, IranThree prisoners, including an Afghan citizen, were reportedly hanged on the morning of Monday July 24. One of the prisoners was reportedly under the age of 18 at the time of his arrest. Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary and state-run media, have not announced these three
A petition with nearly 100,000 signaturesA group delivered petition with nearly 100,000 signatures to the Governor'soffice, hoping to stop executions resuming in Ohio. July 24, 2017.COLUMBUS, Ohio — Nearly a dozen anti-death penalty groups are hoping nearly 100,000 signatures will get Ohio Governor John Kasich to put the state's first
Drug userPresident Joko Widodo recently made headlines around the world when he told the Indonesian police they shouldn’t hesitate to shoot foreign drug smugglers if they resist, seemingly echoing the policy espoused by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte in his bloody drug war.Jokowi, like Duterte
MidazolamToday, fifteen prominent professors of pharmacology filed an amicus curiae brief at the U.S. Supreme Court stating that the “record of midazolam-protocol executions is profoundly troubling” and that the sedative midazolam, which Ohio plans to use in the scheduled execution of Ron Phillips on
A room smaller than a parking space: Solitary confinement cellA room smaller than a parking space: Solitary confinement cellArizona death row inmate Scott Nordstrom lives alone in a room smaller than a parking space. He’s allowed to leave his cell a few times each week to shower or exercise alone in Leggi Tutto
select committee, call for evidence, citizenship, civil engagement, Are there barriers preventing people from being more involved, both locally and nationally?The House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement has been appointed to consider the issues of citizenship and civic engagement in the twenty-first century – and is calling for
House of Representatives, Manila, PhilippinesHouse of Representatives, Manila, PhilippinesThe death penalty bill is conspicuously absent from the list of 35 measures the Senate and the House of Representatives have agreed to prioritize in the second regular session of the 17th Congress.Leaders of the 2 chambers agreed on Wednesday to pass
Halamish, Samaria, IsraelHalamish, Samaria, IsraelExcept for the U.S., the entire Western world got rid of the death penalty 20 years ago, but the justice and education ministers are desperate to bring it to IsraelThe heads of Habayit Hayehudi have launched a despicable campaign. Since the attack in Halamish they have
Bright Blue, think tank, report, liberal conservatism, human rights, Make Britain the home of human rights, Conservative think tank urges PM.Bright Blue, an independent think tank for ‘liberal conservatism’, has published a final report after its year-long inquiry into human rights and discrimination.Bright Blue’s ‘Conservatism and human rights’ project was
39 people were discovered in and around Bradley’s tractor-trailer"39 people were discovered in and around Bradley’s tractor-trailer."The truck driver involved in the fatal human smuggling scheme that left 10 people dead may now be facing the death penalty himself. On Monday, James Matthew Bradley Jr., 60, of Clearwater, Fla., was Leggi Tutto
Ronald PhillipsRonald PhillipsCOLUMBUS, Ohio -- A condemned child killer was scheduled to die on Wednesday in the state's first execution in more than three years after the U.S. Supreme Court denied his requests for more time to pursue legal challenges.Ronald Phillips was transported to the death house at the
The Walls Unit, Huntsville, TexasThe Walls Unit, Huntsville, TexasWith 2 days left before TaiChin Preyor's scheduled execution, his lawyers have tried just about everything to stop it. That includes alleging that his previous counsel committed fraud.With 2 days left before TaiChin Preyor's scheduled execution, his lawyers have
Moninder Singh Pandher and Surinder KoliMoninder Singh Pandher and Surinder KoliPandher and Koli were held guilty of kidnapping, rape and murder in the case, CBI spokesman R K Gaur said.Describing the case as “rarest of rare”, CBI special judge Pawan Tiwari on Monday sentenced to death businessman Moninder Singh Pandher Leggi Tutto
Medieval punishments: Public execution in Saudi ArabiaMedieval punishments: Public execution in Saudi ArabiaThe Saudi Arabian Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the death sentences of 14 men after a grossly unfair mass trial is a worrying reminder of the country’s lethal crackdown on dissent, said Amnesty International today. The men who were Leggi
Alfred MashambaAlfred MashambaDozens of job desperate seekers have applied for the vacant post of Zimbabwe’s hangman, but the country’s vice-president has blocked the recruitment process because he narrowly escaped the hangman’s noose as a teenager during the liberation struggle in the 1960s.Virginia Mabhiza, a
Public execution, IranIranian lawmakers have proposed changes to the country’s tough antidrugs laws, a move that could abolish the death penalty for some drug-related crimes.If approved by parliament, a proposed amendment could curb the number of executions in the Islamic republic, which has one of the highest rates of
Saudi flagThe Supreme Court upheld the death sentence issued by the Specialist Criminal Court and supported by the Specialist Penal Appeals Court against 14 Saudis including a security man considered a traitor and 2 wanted militants on the "list of 23" in what is known as the Al-Awamiya cell.The accused are
Southern and east Africa, the Middle East and south Asia persist with the most draconian approaches.Southern and east Africa, the Middle East and south Asiapersist with the most draconian approaches.50 years after Britain's partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, in eight countries it can still result in death penalty50 years after homosexuality was Leggi Tutto
Public execution, IranTen prisoners were reportedly hanged in prisons across Iran.Two of the prisoners were women. Most of the prisoners were hanged on drug related charges. Iran Human Rights (JULY 26 2017): Ten prisoners, including a woman, were reportedly hanged at Zanjan, Kermanshah, Mahabad, Noshahr, Babol
Ronald Phillips (Ph: The Forgiveness Foundation)Ronald Phillips (Ph: The Forgiveness Foundation)For the first time in more than three years, the state of Ohio executed a death row inmate, ending a lull that followed an unusually drawn-out execution relying on a controversial lethal-injection drug.State officials executed Ronald Phillips by
Anti-drugs czar Budi Waseso Anti-drugs czar Budi Waseso announced plans to guard a death-row prisonisland with crocodiles. He now mulls adding tigers, piranhas and... ghosts.Stories about drug kingpins operating their illicit businesses from inside Indonesia’s notoriously corrupt prisons pop up frequently, severely
STEM, post-school education, call for evidence, House of Lords, Select CommitteeIs post-school education funding fit for purpose?The Economic Affairs Committee, one of the five permanent investigative committees in the House of Lords, has published a call for evidence for its new inquiry, “the economics of higher education, further education, and vocational training”, and
Arizona's death chamberArizona's death chamberNews organizations will clash with Arizona prison officials over the First Amendment at a trial to determine whether the public has a right to know who supplies execution drugs and the qualifications of people who carry out the death penalty.The Associated Press, Arizona
Bangladesh High CourtThe High Court yesterday commuted the death sentence of two activists of the banned Islamist outfit JMB to life imprisonment in a case filed for their involvement in the 2005 series bomb blasts in Shariatpur.The two convicts are Kamruzzaman alias Swapan, now 31, and Malek Bepari alias Malek
Agenda, Women in Prison, research report, BAME women, criminal justice system, 'double disadvantage'Prejudices and subconscious ethnic or racial bias can ‘affect jury assumptions and sentencing decisions’.Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women face a “double disadvantage” in the criminal justice system, according a report published earlier this year.The report, based on focus group
Michael Rosenberg, right, and his brother, Robert, on June 19, 1953 -- the day their parents were executed.Michael Rosenberg, right, and his brother, Robert, on June 19, 1953,the day their parents were executed.Julius and Ethel Rosenberg's sons tell Anderson Cooper how it felt to be the children of the infamous spies, Leggi Tutto
Matthew NormanMatthew NormanMatthew Norman has been living within the walls of the infamous Kerobokan prison in Bali, jailed as part of the Bali Nine, since he was 18 years old.When Norman was 18 he agreed to act as a drug mule, seeing it as an opportunity to get his hands on Leggi Tutto