Police announced on Wednesday (8 April) that the suspects will not face murder charges. A transgender woman has been doused in petrol and burned alive by a mob in Indonesia. The 43-year-old victim died on Sunday from injuries suffered in the horrific attack the day before (4 April), Indonesian media reported this week. According Leggi Tutto
FSRH, advice, prescriptions, contraception, COVID-19, Coronavirus, locdown, social distancing“Women must be able to access safe and effective contraception during the COVID-19 outbreak.”The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) has just issued advice for women who need to get a new or repeat prescription for contraception.Because of the social distancing rules
PITTSBURGH (AP) — A federal judge has rejected a bid by the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting to have the death penalty removed as a potential sentencing option.Lawyers for Robert Bowers argued that capital punishment violates the Fifth Amendment’s due process clause and the Eighth
Americans grappling with the rapidly-spreading coronavirus purchased more guns last month than at any other point since the FBI began collecting data over 20 years ago. Why?With the death toll climbing every day and most of the country under some form of lockdown, many Americans seem to be
A 4th scheduled execution of a Texas death row inmate was delayed Monday because of the coronavirus spread around the state.Billy Joe Wardlow’s execution was postponed from April 29 to July 8.Wardlow, 45, was condemned for the June 1993 fatal shooting of 82-year-old Carl Cole during a robbery at
Social distancing isn’t an option – all inmates who pose no threat should be released now with money, free phones and wifiSo you’re locked down and you’re a bit scared, but you’re safe. George is 70 years old and he’s locked up. He has served two years of an eight-year sentence and is expecting
SINGAPORE - An Indonesian domestic worker who killed her employer in her Telok Kurau house in 2016, leaving the 59-year-old victim with more than 90 knife wounds, is set to avoid the death penalty.On Monday (April 6), Daryati, 27, was found guilty of a lesser murder charge, with prosecutors
Official misconduct and perjury or false accusation continue to be the main reasons innocent men and women are wrongfully convicted in America, according to the 2019 annual report by the National Registry of Exonerations. That misconduct, the report indicates, is most prevalent in cases involving
Iran Human Rights (IHR); April 2, 2020: Death row juvenile offender Danial Zeinolabedini was beaten to death by prison guards. Danial’s body was handed over to his family on Thursday, April 2. Iran Human Rights (IHR) strongly condemns the killing of Danial Zeinolabedini and urges the
Over the past month, Alyaksandr Lukashenka has gained notoriety for his careless attitude to the pandemic. On March 16, Lukashenka shared with the newly appointed officials his own ways of fighting the coronavirus. He advised going to a dry sauna, claiming that the virus dies at 60 degrees; more
RCOG, FSHC, Alliance for Choice, abortion, Northern Ireland, COVID-19, petition, two pills, home medication, proper contraception, CEDAW“Allowing home use will avoid unnecessary and risky visits to healthcare facilities.”The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) are calling on Northern Ireland’s health minister, Robin Swann, to temporarily permit
April 1 (UPI) — A Texas appeals court on Wednesday issued its third stay of execution amid a disruption to the judicial system brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.The Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas said Fabian Hernandez’s lethal injection will be delayed for 60 days, at which point a new
Home Office Affairs Committee, domestic abuse, risks of harm, added, inquiry, Home Office, preparedness, pandemic, COVID-19, CoronavirusPlease submit your evidence by 12 noon on 21 April 2020.The Home Affairs Committee has issued a further call for evidence to inform their inquiry into Home Office preparedness for COVID-19 in addition to the topics announced on 3 March 2020.The Committee is now inviting submissions on
Washington (CNN) -- A federal appeals court wiped away a lower court opinion Tuesday that blocked the federal government from executing federal inmates on death row.The 2-1 ruling is a win for the Department of Justice, but the appeals court noted that there are still other issues that need
Coronavirus, joint call, HSE, CBI, TUC, workers safety, Public Health England guidance‘The health and safety of workers remains paramount.’The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) have issued an unprecedented joint call for employers to ensure safe working conditions for their staff during the ongoing
Authorities in North Korea executed without trial 3 high-ranking officials last week on charges of treason, for allegedly stealing food from the country’s strategic supply and selling it on the open market amid skyrocketing prices resulting from the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, sources within
Muhammad Nabill Mohd Fuad was convicted in the High Court in 2018 of 2 charges.Singapore's Court of Appeal has acquitted a convicted drug trafficker on death row of 2 capital drug charges and sentenced him to eight years' jail instead for drug possession.Muhammad Nabill Mohd Fuad, 33, was
Greg Ogrod and his fiancée, Mary, were cooking in their Philadelphia kitchen on March 21 when they got the news: A judge had ordered Pennsylvania’s corrections department to transport Greg’s brother, Walter, from death row to an outside hospital for Covid-19 testing and, if necessary
The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday rejected death row inmate Jeffrey Hessler's constitutional challenge to his conviction based on a 2016 ruling by the country's highest court.Hessler asked to be taken off death row because a e-judge panel and not a jury sentenced him to death for raping and
Courts are failing badly in keeping junk psychological science out of the courtroom in criminal cases, permitting the admission of psychological tests that have never been reviewed for reliability and others that have been found unreliable, a recent study reports. Among the problematic tests
Over the past month, Alyaksandr Lukashenka has gained notoriety for his careless attitude to the pandemic. On March 16, Lukashenka shared with the newly appointed officials his own ways of fighting the coronavirus. He advised going to a dry sauna, claiming that the virus dies at 60 degrees; more
Only 2nd execution since President Tsai Ing-wen took office in May 2016A man who used gasoline to burn 5 relatives to death during Lunar New Year’s Eve in Feb. of 2016, including his parents and a caregiver, has been executed, reports said Wednesday (April 1).While capital punishment still
On Jan. 7, 1960, Elmo Smith of Bridgeport in Montgomery County was charged with the murder and rape of a 16-year-old girl.Maryann Theresa Mitchell of the Manayuk section of Philadelphia was an 11th grader at Cecelian Academy.She disappeared on Dec. 28, 1959, when she was returning home after
Psychology is exploring which mitigating factors lead judges and jurors to decide whether to hand down life imprisonment versus a death sentenceIn 1993, James Erin McKinney was convicted in an Arizona court of committing two robberies and murders over the course of 13 days. McKinney was convicted
HM Courts & Tribunals Service, domestic violence injunction, unrepresented applicant, coronavirus pandemic, Most injunction hearings will take place by telephone.If you’ve been the victim of domestic violence you can apply for an ‘injunction’, which is a court order that either:protects you or your child from being harmed or threatened by the person who’s abused you – this is called a
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by Texas death row inmate Randy Halprin, a Jewish man who is seeking a new trial over claims of anti-Semitic bias by his trial judge.And for the 2nd time in 2020, Justice Sonia Sotomayor took the unusual step of issuing a statement accompanying
Taipei, April 7 (CNA) The Taiwan High Court on Tuesday overturned the death penalty for a man convicted of raping, killing and dismembering a woman in the Huashan Grassland in Taipei in 2018, and instead sentenced him to life in prison.In its ruling, the High Court said it had reduced the lower
After weeks of assuring the public there are no cases of coronavirus among the state’s nearly 95,000 prisoners — without saying whether significant numbers of prisoners had been tested — the Florida Department of Corrections acknowledged its first positive test involving an inmate. That was
Iran Human Rights (IHR): The 12th annual report on the death penalty by Iran Human Rights (IHR) and ECPM (Together Against the Death Penalty) provides an assessment and analysis of the death penalty trends in 2019 in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It sets out the number of executions in 2019, the
joint statement, seven unions, health and social care, personal protective equipment, PPE, shortage, RCM, CSP, BDA, Unite, GMG, TUC, govenrment ministers, warningStaff are being exposed to unreasonable and unnecessary risk by the ongoing failure.The heads of seven of Britain’s health and social care unions have warned ministers that the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health and social care workers faced with tackling Covid-19 is a
Rights activists on Friday condemned Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s government for executing a convicted murderer, saying the continued use of capital punishment undermined the island’s progressive reputation.Death row inmate Weng Jen-hsien, found guilty last year of setting a fire that
emergency, can't talk, call 999, silent solution, press 55,There is a lack of public awareness of the Silent Solution system.Did you know there is a system which helps a person in imminent danger but unable to speak phone the police?It is known as the Silent Solution system, and it means a 999 mobile caller who is too scared to make a noise, or
President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to kill members of leftist groups last night if they challenge the government during the Luzon lockdown.Duterte said in English and Filipino during the televised speech, “I’m addressing the Left. Your violations, slamming the distribution [of food], remember
Iran Human Rights (IHR) has reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out at least 280 death penalties in 2019 including at least four juvenile offenders.Official Iranian sources have only announced 84 of the 280 executions carried. Human rights activists say many of the executions in