Justice Neil GorsuchJustice Neil Gorsuch and Donald TrumpIt’s not entirely fair to judge a Supreme Court justice based on his first vote. Urgent matters arise unexpectedly, and the court must sometimes act quickly.Still, it’s worth paying special attention to Justice Neil Gorsuch’s vote late Thursday night to deny a stay of Leggi Tutto
VARNER, Ark. — They often enter in silence. They almost always leave that way, too.The death penalty holds a crucial, conflicted place in a nation deeply divided over crime and punishment, and whether the state should ever take a life. But for such a long, very public legal process, only a small
Ledell LeeLedell LeeArkansas executed Ledell Lee on Thursday night, after it fought and won a complex and sometimes confusing legal battle. The state executed him in spite of Lee's insistence that he was not guilty of murdering Debra Rees, a crime committed more than 20 years ago. It did so Leggi Tutto
Artur SegarraArtur SegarraArtur Segarra found guilty of murdering and dismembering David Bernat in bid to access his savingsA Spanish national was on Friday given the death sentence after being found guilty by a Thai court of murdering fellow countryman David Bernat in Bangkok.The victim had traveled to the
Lynn Scott, the sister of Arkansas death row inmate Jack Jones, Jr.Lynn Scott, the sister of Arkansas death row inmate Jack Jones, Jr.Jack Jones' sister says she wants to be there for her brother in his final hour.LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (News release) - Lynn Scott, the sister of Arkansas death row Leggi Tutto
Changi Prison, SingaporeChangi Prison, SingaporeMohd Jeefrey bin Ismail was hanged in the early hours of Friday morning, 21 April, at least according to the scheduled execution date given to his family by the Singapore Prison Service.He was executed after the Public Prosecutor decided that Jeefrey had not “substantively
#reclaimingtheUN, tweetathon, WILPF, AWID, CSW61We are on a slippery slope of exclusion, and it is important to take immediate measures to change direction.The beginning of 2017 has been challenging for activists around the world.Many women activists, for example, were unable to attend this year’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61)
Texas sued in January for the drug's release, saying in its lawsuit that it was importing the sodium thiopental for legal executions.A US regulatory agency told Texas and Arizona that more than a thousand vials of drugs they ordered for executions in their states from India in 2015, and seized by
Drug bust, indonesia"Drug kingpins and members of organized crime syndicates — younever hear about them getting arrested," - UNDOC's Jeremy DouglasJakarta. Indonesia's anti-drug policies should focus on combating organized crime and implementing new treatment and prevention programs to curb rising narcotics use in
Ivan TeleguzIvan TeleguzVirginia Governor Terry McAuliffe called a 3:30 p.m. press conference to make a public statement “regarding his review of Ivan Teleguz’s petitions for a pardon and for commutation of his death sentence.”Teleguz was scheduled to be executed on April 25.“As a result of the thorough
Study shows four states that adhere to capital punishment are hoarding stashes of medicines that could otherwise treat patients in life-or-death proceduresDeath penalty states, including Arkansas which will carry out a double execution on Thursday should the courts give the go-ahead as part of an
Arkansas’ attempt to put eight men to death in 11 days has ensnared the state in a host of legal battles.The state set an unprecedentedly fast execution schedule because one of the drugs in its lethal injections — a sedative called midazolam — is set to expire at the end of April. But the plan
'We are prepared to kill, and have done so more than most people thought.'Beware Vietnam's Death MachineOne Thursday in July 2013, Barack Obama and his Vietnamese counterpart, Truong Tan Sang, sat down in the Oval Office to discuss Thomas Jefferson. Sang brought to this historic meeting between
The FDA banned shipments of execution drugs states have been trying to get for months. BuzzFeed News obtained the letter that shows why.On Thursday, the federal government formally blocked 2 shipments of a massive amount of execution drugs on their way to Texas and Arizona.The decision to block
Dylann RoofDylann RoofConvicted church shooter Dylann Roof has been transferred to death row at Terre Haute Federal Prison in Indiana — the facility that houses male inmates awaiting execution under the federal government.Roof, the first person to be convicted of a federal hate crime and sentenced to the
Seema Mohan Gavit (red sari) and Renuka ShindeSeema Mohan Gavit (red sari) and Renuka ShindeSERIAL killer sisters Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde are making a last desperate bid to avoid execution for abducting and murdering multiple children aged under five years old.The sisters, who with their mother abducted or brutally murdered Leggi Tutto
Bernadette Hyland, women of east Manchester, care workers, factory workers, LipstickSocialist‘Work is scarce and however bad the terms and conditions are for these women it offers them flexibility’.By Bernadette Hyland.I wrote this article in 2014 and very little has changed for the poor women of east Manchester, whether elderly or working in the care sector.My mother is Irish, but
Kate Tempest, Hollie McNish, words changing the worldCan words change the world?Poetry, stories and literature are often dismissed as being frivolous creative pursuits that should be secondary to the real stuff – like the economy, or politics.These, people might say, are the fundamentals of life, and what really matter. If we want to change the
Ten young Indian workers in Al Ain jail, convicted of murdering a Pakistani worker, are expected to learn whether they will be pardoned as early as next month.The Al Ain Appeals Court on Wednesday completed the hearing in the case and adjourned the matter to May 25 to pronounce the verdict, head
When Ohio announced in 2009 that it planned to abandon the three-drug lethal injection protocol that virtually all jurisdictions had employed for the past three decades, many assumed that most other states would soon follow suit. After all, Ohio’s new protocol, which involved an overdose of a
Kate Tempest, Brighton Festival 2017, Pay It Forward Day Guest director Kate Tempest has invited Brighton Festival-goers to join the Pay-it-Forward movement.Brighton Festival 2017’s guest director, poet, spoken-word artist and playwright Kate Tempest, has invited festival-goers to join the Pay-It-Forward movement and enable more people to enjoy
A proposal that would let Nebraska officials hide the identities of lethal injection suppliers drew criticism Wednesday from death penalty opponents but support from lawmakers who say the state needs it to resume executions.It was unclear whether the bill had enough support to overcome a
President Tayyip ErdoganPresident Tayyip ErdoganISTANBUL - Immediately after winning Sunday's referendum, President Tayyip Erdogan promised to reinstate the death penalty, a reform put in place 15 years ago that was seen as fundamental to Turkey's efforts to join the European Union.The move would be sure to delight his
William "Tommy" ZeiglerWilliam "Tommy" ZeiglerWilliam "Tommy" Zeigler, the 71-year-old man who has spent the last 4 decades on death row for the murders of 4 people, will not be allowed to test evidence in his case with touch DNA technology, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Friday.Zeigler was convicted of killing his
Supreme Court (left) Justice Neil M. Gorsuch and President Donald TrumpSupreme Court (left) Justice Neil M. Gorsuch and President Donald TrumpSupreme Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch cast his 1st consequential vote Thursday night, siding with the court's other 4 conservatives in denying a stay request from Arkansas death row inmates facing Leggi Tutto
The conflict in Arkansas is the latest to politicize the death penalty — but for families of the victims and the prisoners, it also resurfaces the complicated issues of closure and the long-reaching effect of these executions on their communities.Arkansas justified its unusually swift schedule by
Changi Prison, SingaporeChangi Prison, SingaporeMohd Jeefrey bin Ismail was hanged in the early hours of Friday morning, 21 April, at least according to the scheduled execution date given to his family by the Singapore Prison Service.He was executed after the Public Prosecutor decided that Jeefrey had not “substantively
Careworkers for Change. UNISON, 15 minutes, hustings, petitionsFifteen minutes to wash, dress, feed and care for the UK’s most vulnerable is unacceptable.Care workers provide an essential service supporting the frail and the vulnerable in our communities.It’s hard work both physically and emotionally. ‎But it’s vital work. Care workers nurse, clean, feed
Sister Helen PrejeanSister Helen PrejeanPrejean’s work opposing capital punishment was captured in her book and film Dead Man Walking, and now she’s speaking out against a spate of planned killingsSister Helen Prejean, the Louisiana nun who through the movie of her book, Dead Man Walking, became the face of the
Death Row Unit, Holman Prison in Atmore, AlabamaDeath Row Unit, Holman Prison in Atmore, AlabamaTied for seventh among states with the most exonerated defendants according to a February 2016 report by the National Registry of Exonerations, Alabama’s unsatisfied; it’d like to be much, much higher on this ignominious list.That’s why Leggi Tutto
After a series of challenges to the U.S. Supreme Court failed, Ledell Lee was put to death by lethal injection Thursday night in the 1st execution in Arkansas since 2005.Lee, who was sentenced to death in 1995 for the killing 2 years earlier of Debra Reese in Jacksonville, was the first to Leggi
Services ombudsman, first report, bullying, Nicola Williams, Although they make up just 11 per cent of the total serving force, women make up 22 per cent of complainants.The Service Complaints Ombudsman, Nicola Williams, published her first annual report recently, Liberty has reported – and bullying and discrimination persist in the Armed Forces.This
Little Rock, Arkansas, April 14, 2017Little Rock, Arkansas, April 14, 2017The Arkansas Supreme Court has halted 1 of 2 executions set for Thursday, saying the condemned inmate should have a chance to prove his innocence with more DNA testing.Stacey Johnson claims that advanced DNA techniques could show that he didn't kill Leggi Tutto
WASHINGTON — Expect another long day of legal wrangling Thursday over Arkansas' plan to execute inmates in the coming week.Ledell Lee and Stacey Johnson were to be put to death Thursday night, but Johnson's execution was at least temporarily halted and Arkansas' ability to use one of its execution