Hosni Mubarak waves to supporters in 2015 from a military hospital in Cairo. Mubarak faced numerous charges, some of which carried the death penalty as a potential sentence. CAIRO — Six years after baying crowds ousted him at the peak of the Arab Spring, former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was freed on Friday from the Cairo hospital where Leggi Tutto
S. PrabagaranKUALA LUMPUR: The applications for leave for a judicial review by two Malaysians who are on death row in Singapore for drug trafficking have been dismissed by the High Court here.S. Prabagaran, 30, and factory worker K. Datchinamurthy, 32, and their mothers filed the leave
Lagos, NigeriaA Lagos State High Court in Igbosere on Thursday ordered the hanging of Okwumo Nwabufo and Olisaeloka Ezike who were charged with the murder of a post-graduate student of Nasarawa State University, Ms. Cynthia Osokogu.The judge said the convicts should be hung by the neck until they
Government agrees to give courts discretion in imposing death penalty for narcotics offences.The Malaysian government has agreed to do away with the mandatory death sentence imposed for drug offences.Azalina Othman Said, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, told Parliament that the
Mississippi's death chamberMississippi's lethal-injection litigation nightmares are coming mainly from the MacArthur Justice Center in New Orleans where attorney James Craig, who represents several Mississippi inmates on death row, works. In September 2015, three inmates on death row, including
Several states are considering a ban on capital punishment for people with mental illnesses or brain injuries.There is a difference between mental illness - which encompasses a wide range of diagnoses, including serious ones like schizophrenia and paranoia - and insanity, a condition that is much
State Senator Ernie ChambersLINCOLN — She spent what would have been her mother’s 52nd birthday asking Nebraska lawmakers not to stand in the way of executing her mother’s killers.Christine Tuttle urged members of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to reject a bill that would pull
California's death row, San Quentin prisonA new Florida State Attorney, Aramis Ayala, made a bold move when she recently announced that capital punishment is "not in the best interest of the community or the best interest of justice," and vowed not to seek the death penalty in future cases.In
"Self-incrimination is used by the prosecution as the main evidence of guilt,whilst the right to an effective legal defence is systematically violated."Paris-Minsk. FIDH and its member organisation in Belarus Human Rights Centre "Viasna" denounce the first death sentence in 2017 and regret the
Despite a 90 % decline of executions since the height of the death penalty in the 1990s, the death penalty is still a hot topic that is widely debated throughout the U.S. Here are a few of the top death penalty headlines that are currently capturing the nation.ArkansasArkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson
worldfuturecouncil, best practises, Protecting refugee women and girls from violence, refugees, report,Best practices from around the world – and recommendations.An increasing number of refugees worldwide are women and children.In many cases, they are forced to leave their homes due to armed conflicts, insecurity or generalised violence.For women and girls, their migration experience is
Conservative Party, fined, general election return, neither complete nor correct‘Where the rules are not followed, it undermines voters’ confidence in our democratic processes.’The Conservative Party has been fined a total of £70,000 following the conclusion of an investigation by the Electoral Commission into the party’s campaign spending.The investigation concluded
Medieval and barbaric: public beheading in Saudi Arabia (file photo)RIYADH: Saudi Arabia executed two convicted drug traffickers on Thursday, bringing the number of prisoners killed in the kingdom to 20 so far this year.The state-run SPA news agency named the two men as Saudi Arabian national
Blasphemy is a criminal offense in Pakistan and can carry the death penalty.ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Friday handed over three accused to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on a seven-day remand for allegedly posting blasphemous contents on social media
#Fathers, shared parental leave, select committee inquiry, listening to witnessesSharing care between fathers and mothers is the key to reducing the Gender Pay Gap. The Women and Equalities Committee is currently considering whether fathers are getting the support they need in the workplace to care for their children.The Committee launched the inquiry after new research
Mufti Abdul HannanConvicted of killing in terrorist attack, the chief of Bangladeshi chapter of Harkat ul Islam, Abdul Hannan, will seek presidential clemency after the apex court dismissed his plea to review death sentence, prison authorities said on Wednesday.Hannan, also known as Mufti Hannan
Gallows trap door, Tokyo Detention Center, JapanKOBE — A court sentenced a 42-year-old man to death Wednesday for killing five people on Awaji Island in western Japan in 2015.The defendant Tatsuhiko Hirano’s mental condition was “normal” when he carried out the killings, Presiding Judge Hidenori
Ninety-seven of the 122 people charged pleaded not guilty to wilful murderSYDNEY: A “berserk” crowd used bows and arrows, knives and axes to hack to death seven people including two small children accused of sorcery, a trial in Papua New Guinea has heard.Ninety-seven of the 122 people charged
A shortage of required citizen witnesses to watch 8 lethal injections over a 10-day period next month prompted the state prison director Tuesday to call on Rotary Club members to volunteer.Citizen witnesses are there to verify that the individual executions are carried out according to law. A
the Arkansas House of Representatives chamber at the State CapitolThe Arkansas House of Representatives chamber at the State CapitolLess than a month before the state of Arkansas is to begin executing eight men over an 11-day period, legislators Tuesday rejected bills that would prevent executions of mentally ill defendants and Leggi Tutto
MidazolamBetween April 17 and 27, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson plans on doing what should be inconceivable: executing 8 prisoners in 10 days.After killing no prisoners in the last 12 years, the state is rushing to execute these 8 men before the controversial execution drug it needs to carry them out
civil and family law, Brexit, no clear plans, EU Justice Sub-committee, EU regulations‘The government has not taken full account of the impact of their loss on UK law.’The House of Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee has published its report into what alternative plans the government has to replace the loss of the European Union (EU) regulations which govern cooperation in civil and
Kentucky mentally ill inmate by Jenn AckermanKentucky mentally ill inmate by Jenn AckermanOver the course of our state’s history, people with severe mental illnesses have faced serious consequences in the criminal justice system. All too often, these individuals faced capital punishment, a sentence that frequently extends an already
A Bahrain court sentenced three people to death and 14 others to lengthy prison terms on charges they established a terrorist cell with the intent of killing policemen.In addition to the three people sentenced to death Thursday, Bahrain's criminal court sentenced four others to life in prison in
AS DONALD TRUMP stood in the East Room of the White House on January 31, congratulating himself for delivering “the very best judge in the country” for the U.S. Supreme Court, a man in Missouri was lying on a gurney, with lethal injection drugs entering his veins. The man, 37-year-old Mark
Engender, Rape Crisis Scotland, Women's Aid Scotland, stop the rape clause, letter“Forcing rape survivors to disclose sexual violence in order to access benefits is inhumane.”A little-known House of Lords committee has been called on to re-examine the so-called ‘rape clause’ which limits tax credits and the child element of Universal Credit to two children unless a third or
'The Walls' Unit, Huntsville, TexasThe shrinking list of lawyers qualified to handle the growing list of capital murder defendants in Bexar County does not bode well for the criminal justice system.With 68 capital murder cases pending and only 11 lawyers living in the county who meet the minimum
Iran is A Leading State in Women’s OppressionAll dictators are known to oppress their opponents, lie to society about their policies, and resort to any crime necessary to remain in power. Hitler believed a lie should be preposterous to make it believable.As the world marks International Women’s
RCM report, a gathering storm, midwife shortage, “It is in the hands of the government to do something about this gathering storm, but it needs doing now.”A report from the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) presented last week shows the forces driving up demand and increasing pressure on England’s maternity services.The report, ‘The gathering
Karachi: Pakistan’s parliament on Tuesday amended the constitution to reinstate secret military courts that try civilians charged with terrorism offences, something activists have warned will lead to human rights abuses.The government and Pakistan’s powerful military say the country’s civilian
Vietnam (file photo)Vietnam has sentenced nine drug traffickers to death for smuggling nearly half a tonne (500 kilograms) of heroin into the country from Laos, a local government report said Wednesday.Nine others were jailed for life over the massive drug bust and "all illegal profits were seized", according to the
MidazolamBetween April 17 and 27, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson plans on doing what should be inconceivable: executing 8 prisoners in 10 days.After killing no prisoners in the last 12 years, the state is rushing to execute these 8 men before the controversial execution drug it needs to carry them out
Liverpool Council, council cuts, effects on vulnerable people, Conservative government, The Canary, Sophia AkramLiverpool council has laid bare the cost of every single welfare cut since the Tories came to power.By Sophia Akram.Liverpool is now the fourth most deprived borough in England. And austerity has hit the most vulnerable people the hardest since the Conservative government came into power in
"Farther away than ever from Turkey's accession to the EU."European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Turkey that any return of the death penalty would be a "red line" in the country's stalled EU membership bid."If the death penalty is reintroduced in Turkey, that would lead to the