Heated debate is expected after the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) said it will recommend President Moon Jae-in declare a moratorium on the death penalty in December.  A senior official at the oversight agency said last week that joint, working-level discussions with the Ministry of Justice will soon be under way to help President Moon to deliver the declaration Leggi Tutto
The father of Zainab Amin, a 6-year-old child whose rape and murder by Imran Ali in January 2018 had sparked national outrage, has filed a petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC) demanding that his daughter's killer be hanged publicly.The petition states that a public execution will "give [a]
Despite reservations from a former juror in the case, the Ohio Parole Board announced today that it believes the death penalty is still appropriate for Raymond Tibbetts.After a special clemency hearing this month, the State of Ohio Adult Parole Authority today released its recommendation that
The sudden execution of a death row convict on Monday after a 9-year hiatus has ignited a storm of debate over capital punishment.A protest by members of Amnesty International on Tuesday was followed by a very vocal support for death penalty. Abolitionists were caught by surprise at the level of
COLUMBUS - The Ohio Parole Board ruled that Raymond Tibbetts, convicted of killing two people in Over-the-Rhine, still deserved the death penalty – even after an 11th-hour plea from a juror for mercy.The board, in an 8-1 vote, did not recommend clemency for Tibbetts to Gov. John Kasich, according
courage in journalism awards, IWMF, new websiteShowing people that female journalists are not going to step aside.Sexual harassment, threats, attacks, government oppression, a stubborn glass ceiling, unequal pay, accusations of fake news and a growing mistrust of the media all threaten press freedom around the world.And female journalists
Scott Dozier could be dead in less than a month.A judge this week signed an execution warrant for the Nevada death row prisoner, and his lethal injection is scheduled for 8 p.m. July 11.Last month, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that District Judge Jennifer Togliatti should not have denied the
Governor Chris Sununu signaled he'd veto the death penalty repeal long before lawmakers sent one to his desk.So, at the event his press team billed as an announcement on the repeal bill, the only real suspense was over how many police officers Sununu could squeeze into his office to witness his
2 UN rights experts have called on Iranian authorities to halt the planned execution of a man convicted of killing his teacher at the age of 15.In a June 19 statement, the experts cited reports suggesting that Mohammad Kalhori will be executed shortly after the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which
‘This level of movement and fragmentation is unsatisfactory.’At the request of the House of Commons, the Women and Equalities Committee has scrutinised the work of the Government Equalities Office (GEO) and the Minister for Women and Equalities, who is responsible for the Government Equalities
Saudi Arabia's drive to counter terrorism has become a convenient chimera to support crackdowns on legitimate public dissent and political or social activism of any kind, and the campaign has turned into an indiscriminate tool wielded to stigmatize critics of the state as terrorists. Those are
A man convicted in a 1966 quadruple murder case filed an appeal Monday with the Supreme Court to seek a retrial, his lawyers said, even though he was freed in 2014 after spending nearly half a century on death row.Former professional boxer Iwao Hakamada, 82, has been struggling to clear his name
Government Executes a Prisoner After 9-Year MoratoriumThe Thai government should halt further executions and publicly resume its de facto moratorium on the use of the death penalty, Human Rights Watch said today. Thai authorities executed a 26-year-old man by lethal injection on June 18, 2018
The brother of an Iranian Kurdish man on death row in Iran for belonging to a Kurdish nationalist group said yesterday that his brother had just hours to live.Amjad Hossein Panahi, who lives in Germany, said that his brother Ramin had been moved to death row in a prison in Sanandaj and had
NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Uzbek national accused of killing eight people by driving a speeding truck along a New York City bike path last October spoke of a “war” led by Islamic State at a pre-trial hearing on Friday and dismissed the court’s judgement as not important.The statement by Sayfullo
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man with a long criminal history has been charged in the shooting deaths of two Wyandotte County deputies. Antoine Fielder is charged with two counts of capital murder and one count of aggravated robbery. Wyandotte District Attorney Mark Dupree said in a 13-minute news
In July 2013, then-US president Barack Obama sat down with his Vietnamese counterpart, Truong Tan Sang, to talk about Thomas Jefferson. It was Jefferson, Sang said, who had inspired the words of Ho Chi Minh's Proclamation of Independence, which carried as its opener a passage of America's
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Palestine is joining 102 countries that have abolished the death penalty and 33 others that have suspended it. On June 6, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed documents to accede to seven international conventions and treaties, including one on abolition of the death
WOmens Budget Group, EVAW Coalition, report, Universal Credit and FInancial Abuse, domestic abuse, coercive control, “We need to urgently look at making separate payments routine.”As Universal Credit continues to be rolled out nationally, women’s groups have published a new report at an event in Parliament which raises concerns that Universal Credit payments which are paid into one bank account for everyone
Police are stepping up the hunt for the 2nd suspect in the murder of a 17-year-old student in a public park 6 years ago, in the wake of the much debated execution on Monday of the youth's convicted killer.The teenager was attacked by 2 young men on July 17, 2012 and killed. He was stabbed 24
Prospect, trade union, survey, sexual harassment at work, bullying, report, guideA trade union’s survey has found sexual harassment at work is – still – widespread.A third of women have experienced workplace sexual harassment, a new survey conducted by Prospect has found.Prospect is a trade union that represents over 142,000 working people – professionals, managers
LINCOLN, Neb. — As Nebraska gets ready for what could be the first execution in 20 years, a court is ordering the corrections department to release information on the purchase of the drugs to be used in carrying out the death penalty.The ACLU initially sued the corrections department said it
I am furious!I am disgusted.I am an American and this perfidy is being carried out in my name.That the would-be ruler of this country could be so twisted as to conceive of a policy that forcibly separates children from their parents is an outrage, a barbarity, an atrocity. That his Leggi
Banning the death penalty for defendants with severe mental illness would save the state of Tennessee an estimated $1.4 to $1.9 million a year, a new ABA study says.The study was released by the ABA's Death Penalty Due Process Review Project, which advocates for a severe mental illness exemption
Responding to the sentencing to death of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) leader Aman Abdurrahman for terrorism-related offences in the country, Amnesty International Indonesia's Executive Director Usman Hamid said:"Lethal attacks on people going about their daily lives are horrifying and Indonesia
"In the end, the Constitution does not guarantee a painless death." -- Judge Kenneth HoytA federal judge this week rejected a Houston serial killer's argument that he should get a stay because he's in such bad health he can't be executed.Danny Bible is scheduled to die by lethal injection
MIMA, This Is Water, immigration, exhibition, MiddlesbroughJoin conversations about the complex identities that form the region.This Is Water, an exhibition at Middlesbrough’s Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), is looking at the long histories of migration that have forged the current shape of the UK.It is about the rich languages, cultures and
When Thailand announced on Monday night that it had carried out its first execution in nine years, the news was met with shock. The country had refrained from imposing the death penalty since the lethal injection of two drug dealers in 2009. It had also repeatedly pledged to look into ditching
An Indonesian cleric found guilty of masterminding a 2016 terror attack in Jakarta which left four civilians dead has been sentenced to death.Aman Aburrahman was convicted of planning the attack which saw a suicide bomber blow himself up at a Starbucks.The cleric, who had declared his support for
The Lone Star State is confident it can kill Danny Bible.Earlier this month, the aging Houston serial killer filed a last-minute lawsuit arguing that his veins are so bad and his health problems so severe that he can't be put to death - or it'll turn into a painfully botched procedure.But the
War on Want, fast food workers, strike, the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, union membership, £10 an hour pay, work contracts, better working conditionsIt is no longer okay for companies to pay poverty wages and dodge their taxes.For too long, fast food has been synonymous with low pay, poor working conditions and a lack of respect for workers.To bring change to the fast food industry, we need to encourage every single fast food worker to be
NHS funding, Theresa May, announcement, smoke and mirrors, demonstration, 30 June 2018, We ‘do not need more mischievous statements, previously exposed as lies’.Theresa May announced an increase in NHS funding by 3.4 per cent a year for the next 5 years on 17 June.But the headline 3.4 per cent increase only applies to the NHS England budget and not to the whole NHS
Thailand has carried out its first execution since 2009, the Department of Corrections said, killing a 26-year-old convicted murderer in a move condemned by Amnesty International as "deplorable".Theerasak Longji was executed by lethal injection on Monday, six years after his conviction.His death
A few days ago, Emily Kephart, a program coördinator at an immigrant-rights group called Kids in Need of Defense, set out to try to find a six-year-old Guatemalan girl who had been separated from her father after arriving in the United States, in May. The pair had been split up as a consequence