Texas' Death HouseTexas' Death HouseA Texas appeals court ruled Thursday against expanding government secrecy in a case involving the public's right to know who supplies the lethal drugs Texas uses to execute death row inmates.The decision in favor of openness by the state's 3rd Court of Appeals addressed the broader question Leggi Tutto
The number of lay judge trials in Japan for which interrogations of suspects have been recorded in full is increasing after police introduced new guidelines to avoid forced confessions, the National Police Agency says.In fiscal 2016 through March 2017, a total of 2,324 lay judge trials had the
An unmarried couple were stoned to death in public in northeast Mali by "Islamists", local officials revealed, the first such incident since jihadist groups were driven out of the region.Jihadists seized key northern cities in March 2012, and though they were driven out by a French-led military
Public execution in IranIran Human Rights (MAY 26 2017): At least one prisoner was hanged at Kermanshah's Adel Abad Prison on Tuesday May 23 on murder charges. According to close sources, the prisoner's name is Mehran Ashrafi and he was in prison since his arrest in 2012. Leggi Tutto
Ronald GrayRonald GrayAn Army soldier convicted almost 30 years ago of serial murder and rape has moved one step closer to the death chamber.Private Ronald Gray lost his latest appeal last week, the Fayetteville Observer reported. Gray had asked the Army Court of Criminal Appeals to vacate his death
Gov. Kay Ivey Friday signed a bill that would shorten the death penalty appeals process in Alabama. Ivey signed the legislation early Friday afternoon, according to her office. Both supporters and opponents of the bill agreed that it would cut the time in the death penalty appeals process. But
Former top Chinese cop Zhao LipingTop Chinese cop Zhao Liping executed for murderA former regional police chief in China was executed for murder, state media said Friday, after reports described his victim as a lover more than three decades his junior.Zhao Liping, 65, was found guilty of murder, bribery and possession Leggi Tutto
Tommy ArthurTommy Arthur(CNN) Alabama executed death row inmate Tommy Arthur early Friday after a lengthy court battle that included multiple lethal injection delays.Arthur, 75, was convicted in the 1982 murder-for-hire of romantic rival Troy Wicker.The inmate, who was nicknamed the "Houdini" of death row
Saudi Arabia has upheld a protest-related death sentence for a protester who was tortured so badly that he was rendered completely deaf in one ear. The judgment marks the first such move for several months, and comes days after President Trump visited the Kingdom.Munir Adam (23), who has impaired
Nine executions on May 23The mullahs’ regime in Iran has immediately relaunched its domestic crackdown machine after the election farce, especially through executions and torture in prisons across the country.Ten inmates in the prisons of Tabriz, Zahedan, Ardebil, Kermanshah and Isfahan, and
Tommy ArthurTommy Arthur7 times in 16 years Tommy Arthur has had his execution delayed. As he prepares for what could be his final appointment with the death chamber, he tells Ed Pilkington about a grisly - and traumatic - cycleTommy Arthur is caught in a ghoulish production of Groundhog Day. 7 Leggi Tutto
Tommy ArthurTommy ArthurTommy Arthur, who was first sentenced to death in 1983, has long imagined what could be his end: time in a so-called death cell, a choice of a last meal, the final telephone calls and then a lethal injection.That end could come Thursday, his eighth execution date in a Leggi Tutto
Pennsylvania's death chamberPennsylvania's death chamberFive times a year, Pennsylvania corrections officials meet inside a white block masonry field house on the grounds of the prison near Penn State, and carry out a mock execution.They escort the "inmate" to the execution chamber. They strap that person onto the gurney
Joseph AmrineJoseph AmrineJoe Amrine selected the music for his funeral service.He wasn't sick, nor was he elderly. He was on Missouri's death row awaiting lethal injection.In November 2001, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon asked the Missouri Supreme Court to set an execution date for Amrine and 9 other
Matthew Norman Matthew Norman was initially given life, upped to the death sentence onappeal, and then reinstated to life in jail after a full confession.AS Schapelle Corby’s Bali nightmare for drug smuggling comes to a close, what does the future hold for the remaining seven of the infamous Bali Nine?As one
Tommy ArthurTommy ArthurAlabama's quest to kill an inmate who spent decades on death row for murder became a high-stakes game of beat the clock after the U.S. Supreme Court finally cleared the way for his execution.Faced with a deluge of last-minute defense appeals and a legal deadline of midnight to execute
INQUEST, Caroline Ann Hunt, HMP Foston Hall, Daughter says HMP Foston Hall missed opportunities to save her mother, as jury find serious failings.The inquest held at Derby Coroner’s Office into the death of Caroline Ann Hunt, aged 53, a prisoner at HMP Foston Hall, concluded this week. She was found hanging in her cell on 26 September
Jakarta. Despite the mounting pressure locally and internationally for Indonesia to review Article 156a of the Criminal Code on blasphemy, the Justice and Prosperity Party, or PKS, said that the law should not be repealed."Constitutionally and by law, the blasphemy law [embodied in Article 156a of
joint project, breaking down barriers, entry into politics, Scottish government, equality“When there is greater diversity in our democratic spaces, better decisions are made.”Organisations working for equality for women, disabled people, black, minority ethnic people and the LGBT community in Scotland have announced they are working on a joint project aimed at increasing diversity
The execution was filmed and broadcast live from a nearby building.The execution was filmed and broadcast live from a nearby building.The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas executed 3 people in the Gaza Strip on Thursday over the assassination of 1 of its military leaders allegedly on behalf of Israel.2 men were hanged Leggi Tutto
Iran has demonstrated its utter disregard for children’s rights by executing a man arrested for a crime committed while he was 16 years old in a brazen violation of international human rights law, said Amnesty International. The man, who has been identified in state media only by the name “Asqar”
Execution in Gaza CityGAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- After a field military court in the Gaza Strip rapidly issued death sentences to the suspected assassin and two suspected accomplices for the murder of Hamas leader Mazen Fuqahaa in March, the attorney general of the Hamas-run government in the besieged coastal enclave
Public hanging in Iran6 prisoners were executed in 2 different Iranian prisons early (...) morning, May 24According to the Kurdish Human Rights Network 5 prisoners were hanged in the prison of Tabriz.Three of the prisoners were identified as "Kazem Hajaji", "Seyed Ali Mousavi" and "Jaber Fakhri". All the 5 prisoners
Georgia's death chamberGeorgia's death chamberGeorgia inmate J.W. Ledford Jr. used his final moments to quote from the movie "Cool Hand Luke" and toss out an insult."What we have here is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So that's why we have here what we have here today. Leggi Tutto
Saudi's Supreme Court in Riyadh confirmed death penalty for 14 activists from Qatif over taking part in protests in 2011.Human rights sources reported that the suspects were not able even to appoint a lawyer, noting that all their confessions were under torture and abuse.To be implemented, the
Florida's death chamberFlorida's death chamberTALLAHASSEE — Florida can start executing condemned killers again, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has let stand the state’s changes to its death-penalty law, experts say.But so far, Gov. Rick Scott hasn’t signed a warrant for any of the 366 prisoners on Death Row.“Other
Mary Jane VelosoMary Jane VelosoThe camp of Filipino death row inmate Mary Jane Veloso would elevate to the Supreme Court (SC) its plea to allow the deposition of testimony against her alleged recruiters from her jail cell in Indonesia.According to National Union of Peoples' Lawyers (NUPL) president Edre Olalia
WHO report, the human right to health, #standingup4humanrights, ‘What we need is more concrete and sustained political commitment and leadership.’A new report calling for bold, unapologetic leadership and action at the highest levels to realise rights to health and through health was launched at the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the
Caning of two gay men in Aceh: A "cruel and sickening punishment."Caning of two gay men in Aceh: A "cruel and sickening punishment."Trent Zimmerman says Australia cannot ignore the ‘cruel and sickening’ punishment, and Derryn Hinch wants foreign aid suspendedA Liberal MP says the “cruel and sickening” caning of two Leggi Tutto
fpa, funding, teenage pregancy figures, teenage birth rate,Sexual health charity calls on all political parties to commit to reduce the UK’s teenage pregnancy rate.The most recent teenage pregnancy statistics for England and Wales, just released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), show that rates have continued to decrease, but the UK’s
The Malaysian Bar is deeply troubled that 2 persons - Yong Kar Mun, aged 48, and an individual whose identity has not been reported - were executed by hanging at Sungai Buloh Prison yesterday morning. The prison authorities there had written to the family of Yong Kar Mun on May 19, Leggi Tutto
Taiwan's top court ruled government must recognise same-sex unions within two yearsTaiwan's top court ruled government must recognise same-sex unions within 2 years.Same-sex marriage, which Taiwan's top court ruled in favour of Wednesday, is currently legal in around 20 countries around the world, 13 of which are in pioneering Europe.Such unions Leggi Tutto
UNiTE, Orange Days, 25 May 2017, ending violence against women and girls, UNWomen, UN Secretary GeneralThe benefits of ending violence against women and girls ‘far outweigh the resources required to prevent future violence’.The UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign, launched in 2008 and managed by UN Women, proclaimed every 25th of the month as “Orange Day” – a day
Pakistan today hanged 2 hard core Taliban terrorists convicted by the military courts of their involvement in the 2014 Peshawar school massacre which left over 150 people dead, mostly students.Pakistan Army said Atta Ullah and Taj Muhammad were active members of the proscribed Tehreek-e-Taliban